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What are “Available Situations” for Adoption?

By Annie

American Adoptions works with families of all types, budgets, etc., but there are still times when our agency is unable to match a prospective birth mother with one of our current active families.

The reasons for this are varied and can be due to the living expenses needs of the birth mother, the social or medical history of the birth parents or even because the birth parents are seeking a family meeting a specific criteria. Please watch the video below where Adoption Specialist Kathie shares more about these adoption situations, including:

  • What is the Adoption Resource Center?
  • Where do these Available Situations come from?
  • What requirements are needed to pursue an Adoption Situation?
  • What information will the adoptive family receive about the birth parents?
  • We are ready to pursue an Adoption Situation – what’s next?

Visit our Available Situations webpage to see if you are interested in any of the current situations that we have been unable to match with any of our active families.

American Adoptions urges all adoptive families currently working with our agency to periodically check the Available Situations page and contact our agency if they would like their profile to be shown for a specific situation. Our Available Situations are an excellent opportunity for waiting families, even those with whom we have not yet worked with.

However, it’s important to note that in order to be considered for an Available Situation, all families must have a current, approved home study and some form of profile we can show the birth mother so she can learn more about you. Click here to view our Available Situations.


Visit Our Adoption Forum to Connect with Others

By Annie

The American Adoptions forum gives adoptive families the opportunity to connect with fellow waiting couples as well as families who have been in your shoes and are now adoptive parents. You can share your excitement and joys and seek support from others who are also on their own adoption journey!

Connecting with others who are going through (or have gone through) similar experiences can be helpful for anyone at any stage of the adoption process. It’s comforting to know you aren’t alone. Many people utilize adoption forums such as ours to share positive information and provide each other with meaningful connections and support.

But like anything on the internet, it is important to know exactly where and who information is coming from. We monitor our forum to make sure that inaccurate information is addressed. Negative comments about any adoption agency or organization, solicitations to adopt and advertisements for adoption professionals are not tolerated and will be removed. Feel free to call your Adoption Specialist to seek clarity about something.

Our adoption forum hopes to provide an online community for birth parents, waiting families, adoptees and anyone with an interest in adoption to meet and interact with others who have been touched by adoption.

Registration is free and easy. Visit our adoption forum today!


Adoption Tax Credit 2014 [Infographic]

By Annie

Now that 2014 has come to a close, many families will begin to prepare their finances for tax season. As you do, don’t forget to look into the Federal Adoption Tax Credit.

For 2014, the maximum adoption tax credit is $13,190 for all qualifying adoption expenses. The adoption credit is not refundable, which means that only those individuals with tax liability (taxes owed) will benefit. The credit will remain flat for special needs adoptions (those involving children who are deemed hard to place by a child welfare agency), allowing those families to claim the maximum credit regardless of expenses.

The adoption tax credit income limit is based on modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) and is recalculated each year. In January 2013, the Federal Adoption Tax Credit was made permanent, although the credit could change or be eliminated in the event of future tax code reform. See the infographic at the bottom of the post for more information.

If your family also lives in a state that offers an adoption tax credit (amounts vary by state), they may receive credit for additional expenses as well.

Read more about the Adoption Tax Credit, qualifying expenses and how employer reimbursements could affect your tax credit status on our website. And follow the American Adoptions’ blog for any new updates on the adoption tax credit.

Haven’t Yet Finalized Your Adoption Placement?

Learn How to Seek the Adoption Tax Credit Before Finalization

Every year, adoptive families ask if they can file taxes without their child’s social security number, which is typically received after the adoption is finalized.

Your adoption attorney should apply for a SSN along with the final amended birth certificate after the finalization court hearing. If you do not have these items yet, you or your accountant and/or tax representative can apply for a temporary tax identification number for the baby. You can file your taxes with that number. Here is a link to Form W-7A for information about obtaining a temporary tax ID number. You can also search the IRS website for Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number information.

For more information on the adoption tax credit and exclusion, visit American Adoptions recommends that you contact a local accountant or qualified tax professional for more specific information for your family.

Adoption Tax Credit - smaller


Happy New Year!

By Annie

Today, on Global Family Day, we hope you all look forward with hope and joy, peace and happiness to the New Year. We want to thank all of you for reading our blog and newsletter and for sharing your thoughts. In the coming year, we look forward to expanding our services and continuing to work toward improvements for adoptive families and birth parents alike. Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year from America’s Adoption Agency, American Adoptions!

2015 Blog Photo


First Night Celebrations for a Family-Friendly New Year’s

By Annie

firstnightusaFor many families with children, celebrating New Year’s Eve can prove challenging, especially when trying to shield young eyes from traditional New Year’s revelry.

Since 1976, Boston has been hosting First Night, a New Year’s celebration committed to emphasizing community spirit.

In recent years, communities big and small across the country have begun hosting their own First Night Celebrations. Many of these events feature cultural events, service or philanthropy incentives, or special activities just for kids.

Each year, these events grow seem to grow. First Night Alexandria’s website has great information about cities across the U.S. Or do a web search for a First Night event in your hometown.


Happy Holidays!

By Annie

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We hope you’re surrounded by the ones your love today.

Holiday Card 2 for Social


Watch “Home for the Holidays” Tonight!

By Annie

Tune in tonight, December 19th at 9 p.m. ET to catch the 16th Annual “A Home for the Holidays” TV special on CBS! The special features uplifting stories about families who have adopted from foster care in order to raise awareness of this important social issue, as well as several moving musical performances from musical guests like Train, Jennifer Hudson, Katharine McPhee and Earth, Wind and Fire.

Watch the video below for more information:

Learn more about foster care adoption from Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!



Time to Vote for Your Favorite Holiday Photos

By Annie

Michael (3) and Mason (3 months)Submissions for our annual Holiday Photo Contest ended on Wednesday, the 17th. And now winners are being selected by YOU on our Facebook page, where we encourage you and your friends and family to vote for your favorite photos with a like! (Comments will not count.)

Just follow the links below to see the photos:

Voting will close on Monday, December 22nd at 5 PM CST, and winners will be announced on Facebook then.


Annual Holiday Photo Contest!

By Annie

Richie (8) and Mason (2)Each year, the American Adoptions family grows bigger as more and more families are created through the miracle of adoption. Over the years, our agency has had the sincere pleasure of assisting thousands of families along their adoption journey. We love to celebrate the season by sharing the beautiful faces of adoption through our Annual American Adoptions Holiday Photo Contest!


Our Holiday Photo Contest is open to all families who have adopted through our agency. Enter a photo of your child by Wednesday, December 17th at 5 PM CST!

To submit your photo, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Email your favorite photo of your child (or children) to by Monday, December 17th.
  • In the email message body, be sure to include your name, your children’s name(s) and their ages. (Example: John Smith, Age 2 – Parents: Robert and Jane Smith)

* The American Adoptions Holiday Photo Contest is open to all families who have adopted through our agency. Please only submit one photo per child.


Winners will be selected by YOU! We’ll be posting the photos (with first names and ages only) to our Facebook page, where we encourage you and your friends and family to vote for your favorite photos with a like! (Comments will not count.)

Voting will close on Monday, December 22nd at 5 PM CST, and winners will be announced then. Winners will also appear on our blog and in an issue of our newsletter American Adoptions News!

Entries will be divided into three categories, with one winner in each category:

  • Children age 0-2
  • Children age 3 and up
  • Siblings – Multiple children adopted from American Adoptions



ShowPro Media Wins Awards

By Annie

ShowPro LogoShowPro Media, with whom we’ve had a longtime relationship for adoptive family video profiles and educational videos, won several awards for its work last month.

The video team was awarded four 2014 Philly Awards (given to nonprofits in the Kansas City area) for Best Video, Award of Distinction, Peoples Voice and Best in Show for their work with PACES, a children’s shelter. Watch the video below:

PACES Shelter from SP Media on Vimeo.

We’ve long known how talented their video staff is and are thrilled they are receiving recognition for their work! You can learn more about the award-winning video on SP Media’s website or by visiting their facebook page.

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